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Easy Way to Remove Watermarks from PDF

watermark in pdf fileWell, if you just come across some specific PDF documents which features a few watermarks, would you like to remove watermarks from PDF? You know, some of the watermarks are ugly and others may be very redundant. If only there is an easy way to delete the PDF file's watermark!

Fortunately, there are indeed a few methods we can try to remove the annoying watermarks from PDF. First of all, if you have stored the original Word or Text files which you create your PDF from, you can directly re-create the target PDF documents. If not, I afraid you have to remove PDF watermarks by the help of tools. Compared the existing PDF watermarks removing programs in market, we select the elder Adobe Acrobat for you. The guide below will introduce the steps on how to get watermarks off PDF with Acrobat. You can follow it and learn the way.

Tips: If you need to upload PDF files to Web on Mac, we suggest you change PDF to HTML on Mac firstly.

Guide: Delete Watermark from PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat 8

Why Choose Adobe Acrobat 8: There are more than one versions of Acrobat you can download. Using Adobe Acrobat 8 or above can remove most of the current image watermark in PDF files.

Step 1: Free download the trial version of Adobe Acrobat 8 and install it onto your PC. If you have already installed it, please jump to step 2.

Step 2: Open the PDF file which you need to remove watermark with the Adobe Acrobat 8.

Step 3: Now go to the top menu Document > Watermark and choose "Remove" option to start removing watermark from PDF.

how to remove pdf watermark steps

Step 4: After that, a prompt will shown up to ask "Are you sure you want to permanently remove the watermark?" You should click "Yes" to confirm. That's it.

Now we have finished all the steps on removing watermarks from PDF document with Acrobat. At last, don't forget to save the modified PDF files. The output PDF will give you a perfect quality without watermarks. Is that simple and easy? You can try it on your own right now. Have fun!